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Welcome to Frome Heritage Museum Catalogue

  • The simplest way to find an item in the Museum’s catalogue (an object, a book, an organisation, a road, a family) is to use the Search tab and type key words or use the predetermined values.
  • Spell correctly, try singular or plurals, think of likely related words, etc.
  • The result will be found in the Results tab. Clink on an item to see more detail.
  • Click on the ‘Add to Selection’ star to select certain items only; see the Selection tab.
  • A selection stays in place until cleared. You can add to it with subsequent searches and then print or download your list.
  • There is also an Expert search facility that can be used to expand or refine your searches.
  • Within the Search and Results screens there are some guidance notes.

  • For help or to provide feedback, e-Mail the museum -
  • To physically see items, visit the Museum. The web site gives address and phone number.